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Interested? Claim Your Priority Placement

At McClintock Homes, we believe in helping our future home owners' dreams come to true. We know everyone is unique. That's what's makes us all special. Each of us has unique dreams, needs and lifestyles. We've simplified your path to purchase. It's designed to prioritize, inform and clarify everything that needs to happen as you move from interest, to quailification, to selection and to purchase in the most unique community in Gainesville, Texas.


Here's what you need to know.



The Interest List
Easy first step

It’s easy. Simply click on the button below and fill out the form, list the plan and/or homesite(s) you like and give us your name and email address. You’re also welcome to drop by the sales office, meet your New Home Specialist, ask questions and register your interest in person.

Stay informed

By signing up on the Interest List you will receive general information, announcements and personalized communication about Black Hill Farm, but being on the Interest List does not secure priority to purchase. Only prequalifying can activate Priority Placement status (see Priority Placement below for details).

A personal Invite

Only those on the Interest List will be invited via email to take the next step towards Priority Placement. If you are on the Interest List and have not received this email please check in with our New Home Specialist.




Priority Placement
First come, first served

Priority Placement allows us to serve potential homebuyers on a documented first come, first served basis. That’s what makes it fair. Here’s how it works.


By invite only

Everyone on the Interest List will get an email invitation to prequalify for a home loan, so you must be on the Interest List to take this important next step.


Prequalification required

To get Priority Placement, complete your loan application and obtain a prequalification letter from your lender. Submit an electronic copy of your prequalification letter as soon as possible to secure your priority placement.


Order of priority

Prior to Black Hill Farm opening, actual priority will be based on the date you signed up on the Interest List.


After the opening

Once Black Hill Farm has opened, priority will be set from the date and time prequalification forms are received. All prequalification forms are date and time stamped upon receipt.


Buyers with a home for sale should follow the same process; however, McClintock Homes reserves the right to take non-contingent buyers first. Priority Placement will also be given to owner-occupied buyers over investors.


VIP Treatment

Prior to the public grand opening, buyers with Priority Placement will be invited to schedule a VIP Preview Appointment to view the models and tour available home sites. That’s when it really gets fun.


Then, according to your Priority Placement, you’ll have the opportunity to select from available homesites and floor plans. Obviously, the earlier you sign up and get prequalified, the better chance you’ll have of getting the home and homesite you want.


As always, McClintock Homes reserves the right to change these policies.


Need help?


If you still have questions, your best resource is a McClintock Homes New Home Specialist, who can walk you through the process and answer any additional questions via phone
or email.





There's no commitment yet – just access to the information you need to reach a decision.

Legal Disclaimer

By registering with Black Hill Farm, I am permitting Black Hill farm and/or all of their affiliated companies to use my contact information to update me with news on Black Hill Farm. I understand this may take the form of communication via telephone, email or post.

Life grows better on the Farm.

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