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Black Hill Farm Living

Black Hill Farm is just that…a farm! Located on the banks of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River with its fertile bottomland soil Black Hill Farm is planned to include community gardens, fields for local organic produce, facilities for small livestock like chickens and goats, and an array of buildings - tractor sheds, barns for livestock, a laying house for a community egg co-op, a fromagerie for artisanal cheese making. But to make its own way and be sustainable for generations to come, Black Hill Farm will also have a country inn, a chapel and a rustic barn for weddings and parties, and a farm store featuring Black Hill Farm produce and other local products from surrounding counties, all easily accessed from the Farm’s I-35 frontage.



Some new residential communities strive to evoke a farm-like ambiance, but Black Hill Farm really is one. The new term for this is “Development Supported Agriculture” or “DSA" and it applies to new subdivisions that have agricultural space as an amenity, just as some have golf courses or the like. With more than 70 acres of adjoining fields, meadows, and tree stands, ours is the real deal.


What sets Black Hill Farm apart from most new DSA communities is its complete and complementary plan. Having space for residents to grow their own vegetables is one thing, but to have a real farm that is able to sustain itself without burdening homeowners with excessive fees is altogether different.


As it matures, expect to see Black Hill Farm become a gathering place, an attraction, a learning center, a laboratory, a venue, a cool and convenient place for residents and non-residents alike to experience farm life.

- William Blake -

“The Thankful Reciever

Bears a Plentiful Harvest”

Life grows better on the Farm.

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